helps you to get in depth feedback from your staff and your customers and allows you to motivate your employees and to delight your clients

To do so, you will be able to use five professional tools:
  • The HR COCKPIT allows you to conduct highly professional staff satisfaction surveys, online assessments, as well as individual and team analysis
  • The CR COCKPIT allows you to conduct customer surveys, it collects customer feedback and helps you to manage complaints.
  • VALORIZER shows the personality of your clients and allows you to provide delightful segmentation and consulting.
  • DIALOG DEVELOPMENT develops Feedback tools, dialogue systems and personality tests.
  • DIALOG RESEARCH conducts in depth research about Human Resources and Customer relations
The network of CONSTANT DIALOG Ltd consists of about 30 project managers, coaches and IT specialists.

Below you can download fact sheets of the online tools and services currently available in English language:
Analyse and boost your Human Resources